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About Cape Cod Tick & Mosquito Removal Service


Cape Cod Tick & Mosquito is a division of Greenstuff Lawncare, Inc. We have been in business since 1991! The lawn care business is in Western Massachusetts. In 1999 My family and I acquired a home in Wellfleet and luckily we are able to spend much of the summer here!

In 2008 I contracted Lyme Disease while working around the house. Believe me, you don't want Lyme Disease. Ever since, I have been spraying for ticks and mosquitos on Cape Cod. As a professional insect control expert, I believe it is very important to protect my family and yours from tick and mosquito borne diseases.

How are we different?

We use a very low concentration, high volume spray for our mosquito and tick removal services on Cape Cod.  What does this mean?  Well, it means that this treatment has a large droplet size which is much less susceptible to drift caused by wind.  If there happened to be any drift caused by wind, the droplets would have minute traces of pesticides in them, and are unlikely to cause any harm to non-target insects such as bees.  This also means that we can drench the targeted areas to make sure the product gets in all the areas where the insects are living and breeding. 

Compare this to some of our competitors who use a backpack sprayer.  Their treatment method requires a very high concentration and very low volume.  Very low volume requires a very small droplet size which will drift very easily in the slightest wind.  This small droplet has a high level of pesticides which makes it very dangerous for non-target insects such as bees.

We Love Cape Cod!  Our Cape Cod mosquito and tick control service is licensed by the State of Massachusetts to apply pesticides and we do it responsibly, and as environmentally conscious as possible.

We also understand that many people do not want pesticides applied to their property for any reason.  We respect that and are proud to also offer Organic Alternatives as a part of our tick and mosquito removal.

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