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Cape Cod Tick
& Mosquito 

Protect your family, pets and visitors from the dangers of Ticks and Lyme Disease

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5 Star Reviews

Tick & Mosquito Treatment

What We Do

We will treat your entire property including the lawn area, ornamental trees and shrubs, planting beds, natural areas and your foundations.

Chemical treatments with Bifenthrin. We can do Organic Treatments with Cedar Oil.  We can do a combination where we use the chemical option in the early spring and fall for ticks, then use the organic option through the summer for mosquitos. We call this our Hybrid Program.


We even have a Single Treatment Option that is guaranteed to control ticks from the time it is applied through Labor Day weekend!


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What We Offer

Organic & Chemical Treatments

We offer both organic and chemical treatments to fit the needs of all of our customers. Contact us today to learn more about the service you're interested in!

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Ready to get your tick and mosquito problem under control? Let's get started now.

Mosquito Control

Nothing can ruin a summer gathering faster than mosquitos! Obviously, we can't control every mosquito. We have found that these programs will greatly reduce the mosquito population on your property.

Tick Control

We will treat all of your ornamental trees and shrubs, we will treat the lawn areas, open spaces, and all of your planting beds and foundation areas. 

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Our Reviews

Customer Testimonials

What our clients think

We’ve been using Cape Cod Tick for a few years now. Pat and his crew are among the Best in the industry when it comes to keeping your property tick free. Keep Lyme Disease away from you and your family. Very Highly Recommended..!!!

Angelo Mazza

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